Conversion Copywriting Services

Hi, I’m Emily Bown

And I help Health & Wellness businesses create empowering messaging to attract their ideal clients and have more consistent leads.

Do you…

  • Have an AMAZING product or service, but NOT getting the visibility you need?
  • Spend more time SELLING YOURSELF versus your product or services?
  • Have an insane passion for your product or service, but feel like all your time and energy is spent on your copy and advertising?
  • Feel like you need some more messaging support?

I can help you get there…

Now, just imagine what it will feel like during your launch when you’re relaxed and engaged with your potential customers in your challenge or on your social media instead of writing sales emails at midnight the night before they need to be sent out! Just think about how excited you will feel when your sales page converts 20, or more, times the rate it did when you tried writing your own copy! 

You can FEEL THIS CALM and GET THESE RESULTS! I CAN help you get there!

Who Is This For?

My copywriting services are for you if …

You are a business owner who has confidence that the products or services you are offering can change lives, help people reach their goals, and get the results they desire, but your messaging is falling flat?

Well, then you have come to the right place. I can help you create messaging that will attract those ideal customers, show them how you can help them overcome their pain points, and convert them into satisfied customers who are able to achieve their dreams because of what you have to offer.

About my Copywriting Services:

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you had a dream, an idea, a big goal to start your own business. You have probably poured all of your heart and soul, along with your time, money, and energy into building that business. You know you have so much to offer the world, but you may be unclear about how to attract those that can be transformed by your products or services.

That’s where I come in! I take the time to get to know your business and the clients you would like to serve so that I can create engaging messaging that will pull in those clients and communicate the value of your offers.    

I will help to ensure that this messaging gets in front of the right audience so that you can attract quality leads that will allow you to grow your business and focus your passion and energy on transforming lives! To find out more about how I can help you reach your goals and realize your dreams for your business, click here to schedule a consultation. I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

So, are you ready to get started?


How It Works

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Part 1: Apply

Book a “Clarity Call” time

Fill out the Pre-Qualifying application

Discuss Copywriting needs

(Learn about the process)

Part 2: Map out needs

Map out exact copy projects

Gather ALL relevant data

(Fill out an extensive questionnaire)

Discuss time frame

Part 3: Get to work

Interview ideal customers

Narrow down messaging

Consistent communication

Final drafts submitted

Expert Copywrwiter

What makes Emily different?

I define myself as an EXPERT because I have a STREAMLINE process for gathering EVERYTHING I need to take the burden OFF of you and create HIGH CONVERTING COPY specific for you and your clients!

I take the time to talk to your ideal customers to find out what their pain points and struggles are, what their goals are, and the results they want to achieve. Then I incorporate that information to create messaging that speaks to those customers and attracts them to work with you and get the results they desire.

I GENUINELY care about the experience of the person reading the copy

I write EXCLUSIVELY for businesses, services, and offers I believe in and can back fully, and my copy will put my clients’ offers in front of the exact people whose lives will be positively

What To Expect

Let’s go the extra mile

  • You are provided a video-recorded application call + all follow-up calls
  • The opportunity to fill out an In-depth questionnaire upfront
    • You have the space and time to show me your voice, your passions, and your stories to allow my writing to truly embody YOU!
    • No more back-and-forth & repeated questions
  • Writing that’s geared towards your clients = I take the time to conduct personal interviews with current or ideal clients
  • You will finally have above-average engagement/conversion
  • Messaging that shifts belief and empowers your audience

*Written by a Certified Clickworthy Conversion Copywriter


Get Started

Book a free Clarity call today!

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