Registered Dietitian + Certified Conversion Copywriter

I help EMPOWER clients personally through nutrition counseling or professionally through meaningful messaging. 

 Nutrition counseling and copywriting both involve getting someone to take an action, and when used ethically, it supports them in taking an action that will positively transform their life. 

ALLOW me to take you on a LIFE TRANSFORMING journey.


Dietitian Services

Hi there, I am a non-diet, weight-inclusive dietitian:

“I believe in taking the fear and power out of food and making it an enjoyable and memorable part of life.”

Services I provide:

  • 1:1 Nutrition counseling 
  • Group Nutrition Education/Classes
  • Nutrition Presentations For – Businesses, Sports teams, Clubs, etc
  • Grocery store tours/ home visits
  • **In-Person & Telehealth options**

Emilys’ Specialties:

  • Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating
  • Body image issues/Body Dysmorphia
  • Substance Abuse Recovery & Nutrition
  • Perinatal Nutrition (pre/postpartum)
  • Mental health & Nutrition
  • General Nutritional Concerns

Conversion Copywriting Services

    I work with health & wellness businesses by empowering their messaging to captivate ideal clients and retain consistent customers.

EXPERT Conversion Copywriter:

    I define myself as an EXPERT because I have a STREAMLINE process for gathering EVERYTHING I need to take the burden OFF of you and create HIGH CONVERTING COPY specific for you and your clients!

    I GENUINELY care about the experience of the person reading the copy.

    I write EXCLUSIVELY for businesses, services, and offers I believe in and can back fully, and my copy will put my clients’ offers in front of the exact people whose lives will be positively transformed by stepping into them!  


Emily’s Specialties:

  • Website Copy Audits/walkthrough
  • Email Marketing
  • Long Form Sales Pages
  • Landing pages + Tripwire/thank-you pages
  • *Other: dependent on specific business & needs

Online Course + E-Book

***COMING EARLY 2023***

The jumpstart to making Food FUN, easy, and intuitive again!

What it’s all about:

  • A simple framework to help make grocery shopping, cooking, meal prep, and nutritious eating simple and enjoyable.
  • Putting the SIMPLICITY, AFFORDABILITY, & ENJOYABILITY back into food!

What will be included:

  • Video Lessons + personal guidance
  • Tangible handouts/worksheets
  • Basic nutrition education + meal/food inspiration
  • Fav products + discounts
Want FIRST DIBS/Special DISCOUNTS/FREE bonus when it’s ready?? 

Client Successes

“As she helped my daughter, she also helped me understand it wasn’t my fault.”

When my daughter started showing signs of an eating disorder during the pandemic, I knew we needed expert help, and was referred to Emily, the perfect fit, not only for my daughter but for me. I was struggling as a mom, filled with guilt, frustration, and worry; I was looking for the “what did I do wrong,” which wasn’t helping with the situation. Emily was very mindful of my struggle.  As she helped my daughter build a healthier relationship with food, she also helped me understand it wasn’t my fault.   Emily has given my daughter tools that will serve her well for the rest of her life. We are forever grateful.   

- MF (mother of client), Los Angeles CA

Client Successes

She has pushed me to find the FUN in food again!

“Emily has been one of my biggest supporters through my journey in eating disorder recovery. She has helped me find food freedom and body image peace, as well as maintain resilience in the face of adversity. Without her guidance and inspiring lessons, I would still be stuck in my orthorexic cycle of “healthy eating” and restricting. She has pushed me to find the FUN in food again!   

~PK (client) Orange County CA

Client Successes

Emily helped show me that there is so much more to living than to constantly shrink your body.

Working with Emily completely changed my life. I had spent well over 10 years obsessing over food and exercise, trying every toxic, ineffective diet I could think of. Emily helped show me that there is so much more to living than to constantly shrink your body. I now have so much more energy to actually live my life and be present for all the special moments. Emily gave me an unbelievable level of support with tangible strategies to stick to my recovery. I cannot recommend her enough; thank you Emily for giving me my life back!

         ~OG (Client) Orange County CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?
Who do you work with: age/sex/etc?

I primarily work with people ages 15 and up.

I work with ALL genders, ethnicities, body types, etc

**Emilys’ practice is a non-judgemental, shame-free, SAFE, open environment for ANY human to receive help & support however that may look. 

What is Copy vs. Conversion Copy?

Copy = Text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing to increase brand awareness (Think blog posts, website writing, social media text)

Conversion Copy = Text that gets people to take an action, like, subscribe or sign up (it can include buying as well) with the process methodically mapped out. AKA – WORDS THAT SELL. (think sales pages, email marketing for a new program, social media ads)

Is seeing a Dietitian worth it?

That answer is essentially up to you, however….. any extra support is never a bad thing.

As a Dietitian I can…

1. Validate you in your struggles with food/body

2. Clarify nutrition misinformation from the media, trainers, friends, etc

3. Give you accountability and support throughout your health journey

4. Improve your mental relationship with food/body and show you how that plays a role in your physical relationship with food/body

5. Teach YOU how to build a nourishing and balanced meal plan specifically for YOU that will be sustainable throughout your life (NOT a quick fix)


Do you have another question? Contact me.


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