Frankies Birth Story

Published on: 08/14/2023

Born 8/3/2023

 Aug 6, 2023, 1:32 AM

7Ibs 1oz & 20.12in long

Midwives: Lisa Marie and Rodger

Home water birth: Anaheim CA

***All times are “predicted” from my “labor brain memory” – so may not be completely accurate, besides the birth time that’s known for sure!!

When we first met our midwives, we “guestimated” the due date to be August 1st, but 2 months until birth, an ultrasound tech measured the baby to have a due date of July 28th – both ended up being bypassed. 

As both July 28th & August 1st came and went, I started to get both sad and frustrated. Sad because I wanted to meet my baby already, and frustrated because, with working for myself, I could have worked more and made some extra money while I waited… just the truth (plus I’m not good with waiting or being bored/ feeling unproductive!)

Finally, I decided to give in to God’s will and just surrender to babies timeline (as much as I wanted to do all the old wives’ tales of labor induction, my midwives are right… baby knows when he is ready, and ill let him guide the way, not me!). 

So, on Thursday, August 2nd, I took Maddie to Preschool and decided to have a “ME” day – filled with all my fav things. I started off going to a local coffee shop for a latte, then headed to grab a smoothie on my way over to the cookie lab to stock up on my fav cookies for postpartum. Then I figured I would grab my fav local Boil & Bake bagels to freeze for B-fest postpartum as well. I planned to go get adjusted from the hubby but by the time I picked him up some Chipotle, I could only drop it off before my Acupuncture apt. 

I decided to get acupuncture for 2 reasons…. 1. My midwives suggested and 2. I needed to calm down my mind and body from the anxiety and fear of the unknown to come. 

Crazily, I almost immediately felt calmer and more aligned with the first needle! Then, I came home and had a therapy session = all the mental self-care! … looking back now, I do feel all the tension in my body from the anxiety that was holding the baby back from making his entrance -> he wanted a “clear” path (mentally and physically 😉

After that, I picked Maddie up from school, made her a snack, and cuddled for a bit before I took her to the park. We blew bubbles, passed the soccer ball around, and she played on the slide for a bit- I just love watching her play, explore, and have fun. I made her a mini frozen pizza for dinner and we snuggled on the couch until I made Andrew some dinner before he got home. After we put Maddie to bed…. I needed to end the night with another suggestion to help clear the way for labor… sexy time 😉 hehe – hey, just being real here (plus- it will be a while until next time)! 

Then I watched a little TV and had a snack before I heard Maddie crying in bed around 10 pm. I went in to settle her down, change her diaper, put her in Mommy’s bed, and cuddled her asleep… WELL while I was cuddling her, I started having some semi-painful contractions. I’m bad at asking for help or “crying wolf” until I’m sure… after Maddie was fully asleep and these contractions were going on for about 45 min, I told Andrew and called my midwives. Crazily the midwives were 10 min away from the house so they parked around the corner to take a nap in their car for a bit to wait and see if I wanted them over. Well, 30 min later at 11:15, my contractions got more intense and we called them over while I blew up the pool and Andrew filled it with water. 

The midwives arrived around 11:30 pm Thursday, August 2nd. I got in the pool to continue labor while they set up all their supplies/equipment. 

(*Note- it was so weird, I would have a crazy painful contraction, and then when it passed I would be totally fine to the point I would question if the contraction was real until the next one hit… yeah I’m crazy, lol – I also think I’m not good at asking for help unless I’m SURE I need it… Yeah, this process is NEVER a sure thing, so get the help peeps!!). 

Andrew ordered them all Daves Hot Chicken (lol) and I explained to Andrew how to make his own coffee in between my contractions (the midwives were laughing and saying this was the first that the wife was helping the hubby while in labor, Haha. Also, the Midwives were surprised and impressed how “fine” I was in between contractions, coming too, talking, and laughing – I was just trying to stay distracted!! – I also don’t like to linger on anything negative, that never helps anything or anyone!). 

And, like with Maddie, my labor progressed fast and intense- REAL strong contraction started around 12:15ish, and with every wave it got harder to deep breath; I would get out of breath and a little dizzy, and more nauseous. But, I even said, it was so calming to be in my home in a warm tub, soft light, quiet, with just Andrew and the midwives around. I felt ready, at peace, and safe to bring this baby into the world. 

Around 1:15 am I threw up a bit from the pain/contractions and right after that, my body was ready to push! The details here get a little blurry from the outside perspective, but for me- my GOAL was to be as present, aware, and in the moment as possible. I wanted to feel every contraction, know how far along I was, listen to my body on how and when to push so I did not tear, and not override what my body was telling me despite the pain. 

So, I put my hand on my vagina to be able to feel exactly where I was in the progression and how the baby was doing. I felt when babies head was crowning and about to have the final push out here I wanted to push sooner than my body wanted, but my midwife reminded me to pause despite the pain, and wait until the body was open and ready enough for the push… so I did (I’m pretty sure I said a few ‘I can’t do it…” but then at the moment told myself NO and said no “I CAN do it!!”). Then, the head was out – the midwife reminded me to wait, the body needed energy and time to turn the baby to get the body out. So I waited for the wave and feeling for the last push to get Frankie completely out! (this pain is INTENSE- but also so manageable if you let it be – because you know what the pain leads to!!)

I DID IT- and got to watch/guide Frankie slowly through the water up to the surface for his first moment of air and into the world… and then immediately to my chest where I started tearing up and smiling out of pure accomplishment and joy. He was perfect and I accomplished the most empowering, amazing, life-altering experience of my life… being present, aware, and in control the entire time! NO meds or outside help/interference! 

It was love at first look. He was beautiful and healthy. However, he was breathing a little weirdly. The midwife had to do some mouth breaths to get some liquid out of his lungs and then all was fine. I got to hold Frankie and have him soothed on the breast/cuddle him while we waited for the placenta to come out. This took longer than expected, it was 30+ min before I was about to contract and push the rest of my placenta out. But once out it was the most amazing thing- the midwives showed us around the placenta- where the baby was, what everything was used for. And despite some weird lab work – the placenta was in a perfect deep red blood sac (We all thank the beef liver pills for this!!) – we then waited for the cord to completely stop having a pulse before clamping it -> probable in total around 45min-1hr post birth. Andrew cut it (we saved it and got it encapsulated for me to take). 

At this time, Andrew finally got to take baby and cuddle chest to chest while I got cleaned up and moved to bed to get examined. Here we found out I did NOT tear at all… WOOOOOO – thanks to listening to my body and not force pushing, I had lost less than the average amount of blood total for a birth!

Now baby came back to me and we practiced latching and warmed him back up to my chest for a while. Next up – baby check. We weighed him = at 7.1 Ib and measured him = 20.12in, checked for jaundice = none & opted out of the Vit K shot for the drops instead. 

At this time- around 3 am, the midwives cleaned everything up, we got the baby in a diaper, and on my chest, the midwives left and we all tried to get some sleep. Of course, I got zero rest. I couldn’t help but stay up staring at my new baby all night, feeding him, and just in total love! 

Everything fell into place that day- the timing worked out for everyone = Maddie was asleep, Andrew was home, the midwives were so close, and I was in a good headspace! My home water birth was everything I could have dreamed of and more. I feel like a BAD ASS but really, I just allowed my body and baby to do what they were meant to do without interfering or challenging it, and I really think that is a huge component…. Along with weekly chiro adjustments, beef liver pills, sleeping only on the left side, and taking care of myself throughout the pregnancy. 

**However, I also feel that my body is unique and one of the lucky ones, I do NOT deny that at all… and I thank it daily for that now! <3

I HIGHLY recommend a home water birth! I will never go back to a hospital and my chiropractic husband agrees and loved every minute of the experience as well! 🙂 = I will be forever grateful for Lisa and Rodger -> especially for the fact that they came to ME every apt, I never had to leave the comfort of my home ever… and just that is priceless to me with a toddler and busy life! 


Postpartum care Im taking =

  1. (‘marrvelouseats’ for discount)
  2. Beef liver pills
  3. Iron supplement
  4. Electrolytes:

For Baby:

    1. Infant Vit D + probiotic drops
  2. Fully Breastfeeding on demand
  3. Lip & tongue tie release (
  4. Vit K drops vs the Shot (personal decision, Frankie was very healthy so rather not give a huge dose of Vit K and give the drops spread out over time!)
    1. We did the shot for Maddie – so no shame either way. 


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